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Facebook Campaigns for companies of all sizes

You can finally scratch “getting more leads” off your Santa’s List.


You’ve been working so hard all year, let us help you get those Facebook Campaigns up and running before 2022 is over!

Sales. Leads. Strategy.

An early Holiday gift!

We want to make marketing accessible to everyone, that’s why we are cutting the prices on our monthly subscription and help your brand launch the ultimate holiday campaign.

What you’ll get on this one of a lifetime opportunity:


How does the Membership work?

You will pay a fixed price for everything the membership includes. This gives you the leverage of having a secured fee and knowing EXACTLY what you are going to get every month. Need more assets? No problem! We can easily set up a call and a fee if by any chance you need more assets than the ones included.

Kick Off Call
Planning and setting delivery dates
Delivery of assets
Monthly review and reporting

Who is this for?

Whether you are a marketing-pro that needs an extra hand this season or your local mom-and-pop, our monthly subscriptions works wonders for:

Overrun Marketing Team Leaders

As the busiest time of the year begins, hire a team of professional marketers, designers, and strategists to pick up the heavy load.



Launching a business from the get go is a 24 hour job, leaving little-to- no time to think about marketing strategies. Discover why we deploy marketing strategies faster than any traditional agency.


Hiring an internal marketing team can make you go over budget. Receive the same quality of work as an in-house team with Bexi. 
We are legit
" I’m proud of the team, and the partnership I have with Bexi, a company that initiates quickly and takes ownership of my digital marketing design projects, from idea to execution. Creating on-brand amazing customer experiences every time."

Joy Gray
CEO, Cognixion
Ready to join?

On Brand

Our team will develop creative assets following your brand’s guidelines, style, voice, and tone.

Fixed Pricing

No extra charges. A surprise-free monthly payment.


More than 10+ years working with companies from all industries.

Faster Deployment

Unlike traditional agencies, you get your money’s worth from day one.
A one chance opportunity
Don’t let the holiday season pass by without growing your business.

Our team will develop creative assets following your brand’s guidelines, style, voice, and tone.



No extra charges. A surprise-free monthly payment.


A no-brainer if you are looking to improve marketing results.


Our offer ends of December 15th, 2022 

We are here to help.

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